Wabash Co Courthouse: Clerk


Hours:                         Full time position 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  One hour lunch-office is open through noon hour, so lunches are staggered.

Salary:                         Starting salary is $22,000.00 per year, paid two times a month, 15th and 31st.  After a six month probationary period, the position will be addressed and if hired a salary increase of $500.00 per year will be given.

Benefits:                      Health Insurance which includes prescription coverage is provided for the employee.  Family coverage is offered at a premium of $500.00 per month which is payroll deducted twice a month in the month before the covered period.  The deductible is $500.00 for the employee and $1500.00 for family coverage, then 80-20 for in net-work providers and 50-50 for out of net-work providers.  The maximum out of pocket is $6,000.00 for individual coverage and $12,000.00 for family coverage.

                                    Life Insurance is provided to the employee in the amount of $20,000.00 along with $20,000.00 of accidental death or dismemberment coverage.

                                    Optional Dental and/or Vision Insurance is offered.  This is paid for by the employee and is payroll deducted.  Family members are eligible for this coverage also.

Vacation:                     Upon completion of one year of continuous employment and each year after to the third year, one week of vacation with pay is given.

                                    Upon three years of employment and up until the tenth year, two weeks of vacation are given with pay.

                                    After ten years of employment, three weeks of vacation are given with pay.

Holidays:                     County employees are given approximately fifteen paid holidays a year.

Retirement:                 Full time employees are required to participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.  The employee contributes 4 ½% of their salary and the county also contributes into the fund.  An employee is eligible for retirement after 10 year of participation and other qualifying events.

                                    Social Security and Medicare are withheld from payroll along with Federal and State Income Taxes.

Job Description:          Prepare the Daily Deposit.

                                    Deposit at the Bank and pick up the mail each day.

                                    Keep the Voter Registration Files updated.

                                    Work the Election Cycles.

                                    Take care of public requests at the counter:  some common requests are:

                                                Accept documents for recording.

                                                Certify copies of birth, death and marriage license.

                                                Make copies of deeds and other requested documents;

                                                Issue marriage licenses.

Assist the public in searching the records.

Accept filings from the Taxing Districts, such as Levies, Budgets,

            Annual Reports, Resolutions and Ordinances.

Expectations:              Some computer and bookkeeping skills, prompt, neat, friendly, detailed                                                                     and willing to learn.

Requirement:              Resident of Wabash County, Illinois.

            The work in the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is one of the most diversified of all County Government. 

Janet L. Will

Wabash County Clerk & Recorder

Wabash County Risk Manager

401 N Market Street

PO Box 277

Mt. Carmel, Illinois  62863

618-262-4561 – phone

618-263-3751 – fax