Tri-State Chiropractic Clinic: Tech Chiropractic Assistant

Job Description:

We are looking to fill 2 positions in our established practice to help fulfill our passion in bringing our community to a healthier lifestyle.

Tech assistant is needed in our fast-paced and growing office. We are seeking an energetic, health-conscious, and motivated team member interested in serving others and capable of working efficiently and cohesively with our team.

Position requires strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and proficient computer skills. Multi-tasking and paying attention to detail are a MUST! The future team member will be responsible for, but not limited to: One-on-one patient interaction and may work alongside the doctor during patient care. Duties include patient education in therapy, data entry, patient care, and opportunity for x-ray training and certification.

Positive attitude, exceptional work ethic, team player, and love of people all required to be successful in this position. We are looking for someone to join our team that has a passion to help our community get healthier.

How to Apply:

Click on the link below