Oakview Heights: Full-Time Nurse

Position: Oakview Heights is looking for a Full-time Nurse. We are currently needing night shift nurses. The shift would be 6pm-6am. This person will be help direct staff to the appropriate solutions. We offer competitive wages and excellent benefits in a beautiful Christian working environment.

Requirements: We are looking for mature, responsible individual who is interested in being part of our dedicated health care team and leading a rotation. Our Home has a long standing reputation of providing quality care to our residents. This person must be able to effectively communicate and lead.

Employee Schedule:
Week 1: Work: M,T Off: W, TH Work: F, Sa, Su
Week 2: Off: M,T Work: W, TH Off: F, Sa, Su
After the employee works Week 1 then Week 2, the schedule will start all over again.
To Apply: Apply in person at Oakview Heights, 1320 W 9th Street, Mt. Carmel, IL 62863 or call 618-263-4337.