Yard Cardz

Address: West Salem, IL

Phone: 618-445-7262

Greeting cards have been used for years to wish someone a happy birthday, to express thankfulness for a kind deed, to welcome a family to the neighborhood, or just to let someone know that they are special. One West Salem resident has taken the concept of a greeting card and added her own creative flare. She then started a service called Yard Cardz. Through Yard Cardz, people can surprise a friend or loved one by turning their lawn into a life-sized greeting card.

Elizabeth Lynch, owner of Yard Cardz, first began putting together this idea after seeing something similar in Georgia while visiting her grandchildren. The idea reminded her of when her own children were younger, and people would put up an announcement board with birthday wishes at the school. She remembered how special it made the children feel and knew that this idea of a yard card could give that same feeling to people of all ages in a fun and creative way.

When she returned home, she started researching the concept. She soon began purchasing and putting together a collection of durable, weather-resistant cards in different designs. She also included things like balloons, letters, numbers, and confetti. She spent time looking up ideas and tips to build the best displays before launching her business – Yard Cardz. Her first project was a welcome card for the new pastor of her church. The idea was a hit. Since that first display at the beginning of October, Lynch has been busy putting up Yard Cardz and celebrating all types of occasions.

Currently, Yard Cardz offers delivery, design, and a full day of card display in West Salem, Mt. Carmel, Fairfield, Grayville, Albion, and Olney. Lynch can put together a card to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, welcome home, birth announcements, business openings, graduations, open houses, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, marriage proposal, marriage announcement and even just because. She is continually looking for ways to expand and add more design options and ideas. If interested in a Yard Cardz display to celebrate your loved one, contact Elizabeth Lynch at 618-445-7262 or send a message on Facebook to Elizabeth McCaw Lynch.

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