Two Farmers

Address: 623 N Markets Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Dillon Farmer and his wife Chloe started an adventure as Traveling Foodies. They fell in love with food and the ability it had to bring people and communities together. They felt they could offer a unique new product among communities they love and cared about. It started as a hobby and quickly became a profession. Dillon is driven in his passions. He wants to be the best at everything he can do. He is always seeking to improve himself and his business.

Dillon had no background or skills when he was starting the business. He simply practiced business and food until he felt he was capable of taking the next step. To this day, he doesn’t consider himself an expert, just a guy who is trying his best until he gets it right.

Dillon and Chloe started their food adventure with a food truck in March of 2020. They called it Two Farmers Burgers and Beignets. Specializing in just that! Smash burgers with a crispy edge around it with a sweet treat on the side. In February of 2023, when the opportunity of a physical location became available they couldn’t pass it up. Now Two Farmers is open offering burgers, fries, ice cream, specialty drinks, and more!

They describe their business as high quality fast food and locally sourced fast food. They are not in the business of selling items that make a quick buck. They want to serve items they love and have passion for. Dillon sees his business becoming more efficient and making small adjustments to become more prominent in Mt. Carmel. In five years, he would like to be more established, maybe a mobile Two Farmers or a sister restaurant. In ten years, Dillon would like to have another location in a larger city, but still focusing on Mt. Carmel.

They have several ways to enjoy their food. They have a walk-up, drive thru or carry out. Their newly remodeled indoor area is also available. Check out their Facebook for hours, specials, and drool worthy photos!

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