Tri-State Clinic of Chiropractic

Address: 229 W 2nd Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-262-2222

Dr. Aileen Delacruz, sole-owner and newest chiropractor of Tri-State Clinic of Chiropractic, P.C. (formerly Owned by Dr. Tara Horrall (Kennard)) has been serving the area since February 12, 2019. The clinic has been serving the community in the same location at 229 W. 2nd St. They have the joy of serving patients ranging in age from Birth to 91 years of age. They have helped their patients with problems such as ear infections, vertigo, MS, psoriasis, insomnia, heartburn, digestion issues and high blood pressure. As a result, these patients are living healthier lives through natural chiropractic care.
Dr. Aileen Delacruz worked under and was mentored by Dr. Tara Horrall for 6 months before taking over Tri-State Clinic. Dr. Delacruz graduated December 2017 from Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. After taking countless numbers of seminars and additional coursework in Upper Cervical Advanced training (Orthospinology) and Activator Methods, Dr. Delacruz utilizes a more least-invasive technique based on analysis, precision, and advanced spinal correction. It has been her goal to introduce these least-invasive techniques to the Tri-State area. There is never popping, twisting, or cracking of the neck. Patients are usually amazed at how such gentle adjustments can still make a huge impact on life!
Their mission, through natural chiropractic care, is to serve, educate, and motivate patients and loved ones to reach their highest wellness potential and quality of life!
The clinic is also privileged to have two dedicated employees who diligently serve its patients. Lissette Umpierre has been in the office for almost a year and Beth Horton for 2 years.
Chiropractic care can be effective for relieving:
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Tension headaches
• Migraines
• Injuries
And maintaining overall health and physical well-being!
You can contact the clinic by phone (618) 262-2222 or by email or visit our website