Timberlake Properties

Address: Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-237-2034

Timberlake Properties is owned and operated by George and Mary Jo Timberlake. George first decided to become a landlord while in college. He purchased his first mobile home in 1970 and began renting it out.

In 1973 George purchased a home and began renovations on it. He had completed his work and sold that home within 1 year. By the year 1979 George had began building houses. That first built home quickly evolved into 15 homes by the early 80’s!

Next George purchased Gallatin’s Market and turned it in to apartments. Since then throughout the years he has purchased many other homes and renovated them. George enjoys bringing quality housing to the community.

He also has a love for making something very nice out of a minimal start. At present George has renovated over 120 homes over the years. He comments, “Not all of my first projects were successes, you’ve got to keep at it for a while.”

Well one thing is for certain George has been successful producing quality, clean housing for many families right here in Wabash County. He seems to keep a lot of long-term tenants who are happy and satisfied with his services. Most of

Timberlake Properties offer off-street parking and storage as well.

If you are looking for:

Single family homes (2-3 bedrooms)
2 bedroom duplexes
2 bedroom apartments
Commercial properties
That are clean, newly renovated, smoke free, and pet free we recommend giving

Timberlake Properties a call and see if they have something for your family!

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