Timberlake Furniture

Address: 6664 N 900 Blvd Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-298-2474

Timberlake Furniture has been a family run business since Roy and Alma Timberlake first opened their doors in 1982. Roy is what you might call, “a jack of all trades”, and has had many business ventures throughout the years. He has been an antique dealer, a barber, and owned a carpet store, just to name a few. In 2019 when he decided to shift gears and work with used furniture, it came as no surprise to his family. Keeping with the family business model, Roy called his granddaughter and her husband, Morgan and Tyson Meador and asked if they would be interested in taking over the business. Morgan, a former teacher and her husband Tyson, a former national accounts manager for an agricultural business were thrilled at the opportunity. Tyson’s work had required a lot of travel, so they were excited to have him back home. The two officially took over as the new owners of Timberlake Furniture on January 1, 2020. This has been a new experience for them, but they are happy to be on this adventure and to learn more about the furniture business while continuing to support the community they love.

Since taking over the business, Morgan and Tyson have made some changes, including building updates, updating merchandise styles, a new website and more activity on social media. Morgan says that interior design has always been an interest of hers, so she has enjoyed making product selections and pairing items together for display. They offer furniture for every room of the house including, bedroom, living room, dining room, and home office. They now offer design accessories such as, wall art, accent pieces, poufs, and rugs. Their goal is to make the business customer friendly. They aim to find the products that best serve their customers.

Timberlake Furniture boasts the largest display in the USA and is the Tri-State’s largest furniture store. Their warehouse spans the equivalent of more than 8 football fields, and is packed with high-quality, money-saving furniture and home decor. You can buy right off the floor or special order. They offer delivery with a range to fit just about anyone, serving customers from as far as St. Louis to Indy to Kentucky. Proudly representing the Tri-State region, the Timberlake Furniture family looks forward to welcoming you!