Taco Tierra

Address: 729 N Market Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-262-8226

Taco Tierra is a family owned and operated business in Mt Carmel. Around town you will hear it called just “Taco.” But all Mt Carmel natives are guaranteed to know exactly what you are talking about. The first Taco Tierra opened in Mt Carmel August 6, 1977. It was opened by Walter Blake and his wife Deborah at 8th & Market Street. The original building still stands and provided seating for 12 dine-in customers. Today there is seating for 77 dine-in customers. In 1999 the new dining room added 40 seats and in 2007 the patio was opened for 25 outdoor diners.

Their signature items are the Sancho, Taco Pepsi, and of course their Taco Cup. Over the years the menu has expanded and another high demand item is Fish Tacos on Fish Fridays. Taco Tierra offers a wide variety of soft drinks served with crushed ice. Daily lunch specials, as well as daily and weekend specials are available. Taco Tierra has 3 locations in the tri-state. The Mt Carmel location was the first to open then Princeton, IN followed in May 1978, and Fairfield, IL in June 1984. The Blake Family are happy to be serving Wabash County and wouldn’t be able to do so without their loyal customers and outstanding employees. Be sure to stop in and “Put a little spice in your life.”