Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy

Address: 1325 W 9th Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-263-9101

Steve and Terri Sheldon opened their first Pharmacy together in 1988. Steve and Terri both went to Western Kentucky university for their undergraduate work and then went on to graduate from University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. They are still very active in education as preceptors for the UK college of pharmacy for current pharmacy students. Steve still is very active in local education and has served on local School boards from time to time. He still talks to local college and high school economic classes as well as participating in career days at many educational institutions. The Sheldon’s are firm in their faith and believe that God is responsible for the many blessings they have received. They give him the credit and realize that without God none of this was possible. If you visit their stores you will see the scriptures on the wall that helps remind them and their customers the reason everyone enjoys their experience at Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy.

In 2019, Sheldon’s opened a location in Mt. Carmel, IL. They are happy to join the community and serve the customers of Mt. Carmel. Their friendly staff is experienced, reliable and eager to meet the needs of the community that they know and love.