River Church, The

Address: 315 Market Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-302-3730

The desire of The River Church is to see the lives of people transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ through a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after graduating Bible college, Pastor Darrel Thompson and his wife Deana, along with friends and family, started having meetings in their hometown which ended up becoming the foundations of The River Church.

Years later, The River Church is now a thriving church family right in the heart of downtown Mount Carmel, IL. In addition to our Tuesday and Thursday Prayer Rooms, Sunday Morning services, and monthly River Outpouring services, we provide Men’s Ministry, Hidden Treasure Women’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, and Middle and High School youth group.

The church is often defined as a community of believers. As a church, we believe God intended so much more than mere community for His church. We believe that the biblical concept of FAMILY more accurately embodies God’s design for the function of the church; not only growing in relationship with the Lord, but also in authentic relationship with one-another.

Our desire is to raise up sons and daughters in devotional intimacy, not just to release them into personal destiny, but to build generational legacy.