Premium Fitness

Address: 511 W 7th Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-263-2356

Premium Fitness is a 24-hour health and fitness facility in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Locally owned and operated, their mission is to offer the community an all encompassing facility, capable of meeting members at their current fitness level and helping them reach individual health & wellness goals.

The staff works hard to maintain a sanitary, safe and welcoming fitness environment for anyone who walks through the door, while offering all the equipment, amenities and support once youโ€™re there. They offer a unique combination of endurance, bodyweight, strength-training, and functional equipment that is updated consistently to provide the latest, scientifically supported equipment available. If youโ€™re looking for extra guidance or inspiration, you can take advantage of their personal training opportunities. Premium Fitness also offers all members access to free workout routines for a wide range of fitness goals. To learn more about Premium Fitness, follow them on Facebook or Instagram @premium4fitness or visit their website at

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Premium Fitness is proud to offer Mount Carmel and the surrounding area an engaged, involved, and supportive fitness option that gives back to our community.

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