Precision Speed Coatings

Address: Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-240-5478

Painting can be everyone’s least favorite thing to do. So don’t worry Precision Speed Coatings can help you paint so you can put your feet up and relax! Ryan Reynolds started his business in September of 2021. He and his wife have 5 children at home. Ryan states his wife is amazing and without her support he would not be as successful. He also notes being able to see something that needs freshening up and making it look amazing again is what makes him happy. His main motivation for starting his own business was realizing that he had reached the point in his career to where every job he started for a paint company, he knew more than those he worked with and for. For 5 years he waited, took his time, and made a plan before he started his own business.

Ryan started painting apartments when he was 18. His second job was working for a company that painted million dollar homes, for 5 years, and attributes most of his knowledge to that job experience. With everything needing to be perfect it created a lot of chances for him to learn new skills. Ryan has worked for 20 different painting companies in surrounding areas trying to find a “home” but he couldn’t connect with any. He worked with Serenity Custom Finishes for 10 years, and notes the original owner taught him a lot about running a business. As of February 2023, he is partnering with the same company under new ownership and a new name.

Ryan describes his business as producing the highest quality results in an extremely efficient time frame. He attributes his success to the commitment of quality. Quality creates longevity. His paint jobs will last for years. Years and years trying different methods, procedures, and products has led him to know what works best for each individual job. The best way to paint it and the absolute fastest way to get it done led him to make the decision to start his own business. Ryan’s most asked question is does he roll or spray. Don’t worry he does both depending on the job.

Precision Speed Coatings offers the following services: remodeling, painting and staging of all surfaces and woodwork, drywall repair, hang, and/or finish, ceiling stomp, drywall mud textures, LCP flooring, and wallpaper removal.

“When only the best will do.” or Ryan says, “Drown it in paint”

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