Pete’s Produce

Address: 116 W 9th Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-262-6531

Pete’s Produce is a charming produce stand. They opened their doors in 2018 after owner, Jaleigh and her husband Dan Peterson felt there was a need for a produce stand in the community. Pete’s Produce got its name from Dan Peterson as he is known as Pete by his friends and family.

They got their start at the local farmers market and just grew from there. Jaleigh also owns a successful hair salon, Hairport, that is run out of her beautiful Victorian Home. She and her husband grow some of the produce locally when possible but also visit the Market twice a week to bring the freshest produce to their stand. Opening a produce stand was a new venture for her and her family, but she was passionate about the project. She is determined to bring some of the freshest healthiest produce and flowers to the Mt. Carmel area by working with local farms and greenhouses.

Jaleigh has been thrilled with the support of the community and the success of Pete’s Produce. To help provide better service she has the honor system where customers can shop after hours and deposit money in the cash box. Jaleigh hopes to continue to grow the business to meet the needs of their customers. Locals that shop at Pete’s Produce talk about how friendly and knowledgeable their staff is, the quality of their produce and flowers.

With its first location at 404 W 9th Street in Mt. Carmel, IL. They outgrew that location and moved to a larger one. In 2023, Pete’s Produce moved to a new location! Find it at 116 W 9th Street. You can still find the same delicious produce and freshest flowers at the new location. You may also find Jaleigh’s new food truck JammOn Jaleigh’s cooking up some food right next door. If customers need assistance to use this number 618-262-6531.

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