Pat’s Pawn

Address: 519 N Market Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-262-4471

Richard and Pat Perry opened Pat’s Pawn April 1, 1988. Mr. Perry joked, “ I’ll either make a go of it, or make a fool of myself.” Well Mr. Perry was no fool; instead he became a successful business owner, building a business that is still alive and well right here in Mt. Carmel.

Rich saw a need as well as a demand for a local pawnshop, with the nearest shop being in Evansville, IN at that time. At one point over the years The Perry Family was operating three different locations of Pat’s Pawn shops.

In 1994 the Mt. Carmel location was passed on to Debbie Cardwell and Kay Collins, daughters of Rich and Pat Perry. The girls commented “He made a go of the business and pawned it off on his daughters.” Although humorous that statement says it all, Debbie and Kay continue to run the successful business founded by their father and are ready to meet the community’s needs.

Pat’s Pawn deals in items new and used. They buy, sell, and trade gold and are ready to give you a fair price for items you wish to pawn or sell. They also have locally produced honey and honeycomb for sale. Kay raises these delicious and tasty products at her home in Patoka, IN and speaks highly of the quality and benefit of using them.

Other items you might find at Pat’s Pawn are:

RADA Knives
Musical Equipment
Quality Sheet Sets & Blankets
Genuine Leather Jackets
Video Gaming Equipment & Systems
Home Décor

Pat’s Pawn also offers layaway and gift-wrapping service. Keep them in mind when looking for a great gift for your loved one, or when looking to treat yourself. Debbie and Kay are looking forward to seeing you!

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