Mt. Carmel Public Utility Co.

Address: 316 N Market Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-262-5151

2023 marks the 110th Anniversary of MT. CARMEL PUBLIC UTILITY CO. The local Company began operation in 1893 as the Mt. Carmel Light and Water Company, changing the name in 1902 to The New Electric Company. The City of Mt. Carmel passed an ordinance in 1902 authorizing The New Electric Company to construct, maintain, and operate an electric lighting plant in the City of Mt. Carmel. It further expanded authorization in 1906 for the Company to lay down all necessary pipes, conduits, and other appurtenances necessary for conveying a system of hot water heating to the residents of Mt. Carmel, IL. Soon after, the Company began producing manufactured gas at the electric plant from coke fuel derived from coal.

Following economic downturns, the Company went into receivership and Mr. Philip Barnhard was brought in from Ohio to manage the Company out of receivership until a suitable buyer could be found. Following a series of events, including default on a loan made to a purchaser, Mr. Barnhard decided to take the Company to the people it would serve. It is reported that he went up and down Market Street selling shares in the Company he intended to establish, and in 1913, that’s what he did. The original shareholders list included names like Barnhard, Fearheiley, Lawson, Stansfield, Reynolds, Hill, Froman, Underriner, and Hoppe, and now includes many current and retired employees. Mr. Barnhard was succeeded by his son Albert A. Barnhard and eventually leadership was passed to Philip Barnhard, IV, who in his final years served as Co-CEO along with Terry Bruce. Today, Mr. Bruce serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In the early 1960s, Kieffer Brothers Construction was contracted to help install a natural gas line from Grayville, IL, and the Company began distributing natural gas in 1962.

Today, the Company is led by the Executive Committee consisting of Mr. Terry Bruce – CEO, Mr. David James II – President / COO, Mr. Eric Bramlet – Legal Counsel / Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Mrs. Patricia Spencer – CFO, and Mrs. Rachael Smith – Corporate Secretary.

The employees of Mt Carmel Public Utility Co. are proud to have served the energy needs of our neighbors, families, and friends for over a century, and we look forward to serving those needs for many generations to come.

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