Mt. Carmel Elementary School

Address: 1300 N Walnut Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-263-3876

Mount Carmel Elementary School’s building has seen many names. It was built in 1955 and opened under the name of North Elementary School. At this time it housed kindergarten through sixth grade. It eventually became North Middle School and then North Intermediate Center of Education (NICE). In the summer of 2017 South Elementary School on Third Street closed and in the fall of 2017 Mount Carmel Elementary School (MCES) was opened.

At Mount Carmel Elementary School we pride ourselves in the curriculum that we teach. The students learn to read in Kindergarten and to do the math and algebra skills that are age appropriate by the Illinois State Standards. As they grow, so do the programs; the goal is to have them ready to enter third grade at Mount Carmel Grade School on grade level. We offer RtI (Response to Intervention) services to help children catch up to grade level. MCES is a PBIS school (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). Our students know the expectations of our building and are acknowledged for working hard on their emotional skills. We focus on attendance and student involvement at school along with our community.

MCES is made up of grades pre-kindergarten – second. The pre-kindergarten building is behind the district office and there are two teachers and two assistants. These teachers strive to help the students be ready for Kindergarten. The teachers have two classes each, morning and afternoon, and have twenty students in each class. The large part of MCES houses early childhood – second grade. Early childhood is set up a lot like the pre-kindergarten with two teachers each having a morning and afternoon class. The kindergarten and first grade each has five teachers and the second grade has four teachers. Also offered at MCES are Music, PE, Art/Library, Character Education and Technology Skills. We have two special education teachers and two speech pathologists hired by Wabash 348. With the help of WOVSED we have a communication specialist, which allows other schools to attend to learn how to communicate. We are very proud to be able to offer these curriculums to our students. Our school could not function without the help of the paraprofessionals, secretary, nurse, social worker, principal, custodians and cooks. We create an educational environment for our children and our philosophy is that “it takes a village to raise a child”.

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