Mt. Carmel Animal Hotel & Spa

Address: 2816 N Cherry Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-262-5578

Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital opened in 1975 as a veterinary hospital run by Dr. Stetter and Mrs. Sharon Stetter-Shaw.

In 2016 Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital became Mt. Carmel Hotel & Spa showing Mrs. Sharon Stetter-Shaw’s adaptability, fortitude, and passion for animal care. Over the last 45 years they have employed over 150 people most staying on for 5 to 10 years and some employees have been with Mt. Carmel Animal Hotel & Spa more than 20 years. With such a staggering amount of experience you can trust that furry companions will leave happy and well cared for.

Grooming services include bathing, brushing, dematting, clipping, wash trim & dry, nail trimming, anal gland express, and ear cleaning. Outside of grooming and boarding services, they offer high quality dog food brands such as Science Diet, pet odor control options in the form of candles and sprays, collars and leashes, flea control for pets and home, and toys!

With this much experience, how can you go anywhere else? Please check them out on Facebook!

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