MCHS Alumni Foundation

Address: Mt. Carmel, IL

The Alumni Foundation strives to provide a weekend full of activities each year during the MCHS Homecoming, where MCHS alumni have several opportunities to gather with friends and fellow classmates. Without the support of the MCHS Alumni and community, the activities would not be possible. The Foundation greatly appreciates the support it receives each year which ensures the tradition of the Homecoming Weekend continues.

In addition to the Homecoming activities, all profits from MCHS Alumni weekends go to assisting in funding a project at Mt. Carmel High School each year. To date, the Alumni Foundation has raised almost $30,000 for these projects in addition to the $70,000
raised to complete a full replacement of the seating for the MCHS Auditorium. The Alumni has also awarded $4,000 in Spirit Scholarship to two graduating seniors.

One other activity that the Alumni proudly hosts is the MCHS Hall of Fame Induction
Ceremony. The next recognition ceremony will be held over Homecoming Weekend
in 2020. The qualification guidelines will be made available in 2019 and the MCHS Alumni will announce at that time the deadline to submit applications for consideration. MCHS Alumni have inducted 118 former Mt. Carmel High School graduates who have gone on to lead exemplary careers.

Anyone wishing to support the MCHS Alumni or for more information or questions about the MCHS Homecoming Weekend, you may contact Tim Bell at 618-262-2657, Linda Jones Brewster at 618-263-7878, Miriam Ernest Helton at 773-710-0779, Diane Williams Liddle/Gary Liddle at 618-262-4501, Ranell Locke at 618-262-6501, Tracy Robinson at 618-240-1090, Emily GriessTeague at 618-262-8948, Dee Knowles White at
618-262-5860, Donna Rodgers Witkowski at 618-262-8339, or Pat Kinney Williams at 618-262-4235.

The MCHS Alumni is greatly appreciated for all they do in the Mt. Carmel Community and we wish them many more successful years to come!

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