KB's Tanning and Wellness

Address: 2001 15th Street Lawrenceville, IL


Phone: 618-943-4100

KB’s Tanning & Wellness is committed to helping you achieve your desired aesthetic and improve your overall well-being.

Our newly introduced “FLOAT ON THE WABASH” FLOAT TANK ROOM provides a unique and calming experience. In our Mystic UNITY SUNLESS spray tan automated booth, you have the option to choose from a range of 12 personalized colors, or you can opt for a UV tan in one of our 4 tanning beds.

For individuals seeking an active lifestyle, our Private Fitness SUITES feature iFIT mirror technology, granting access to over 250 fitness trainers and workout sessions.

If relaxation is your priority, our wellness rooms offer the perfect retreat. They include a RENUVASKIN Red Light Therapy bed, Aqua Massage bed with RENUVASKIN FSR CANOPY, and our Cocoon Sauna Wellness Weight loss Workout Pod.

We offer a variety of packages tailored to meet diverse health needs, ensuring we can accommodate a wide range of requirements. You can easily book your appointment online at Vagaro.com/kbstanningandwellness or contact us for scheduling at 618-943-4100. We are dedicated to addressing any inquiries you may have, and our aim is to provide a comfortable experience. Our goal is for you to feel good during your visit and feel even better when you leave. Prepare to encounter a truly exceptional environment unlike any other. Each room is private and designed for you to relax and enjoy yourself away from the demands of your busy lifestyle. We all can benefit from each of our 11 rooms.

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