Jeff Thompson & Sons

Address: 15834 E 1150 Road Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-262-3454

Jeff Thompson and Sons Oil is a family affair. Jeff was always interested in oil from his father, Bill Thompson, who was an engineer with Texaco for many years. Bill’s career moved the family all over and several of those moves were in Southern Illinois. “I have friends all over the country, but I landed here in Mt. Carmel” said Jeff Thompson.

Jeff and his family are the owners and operators of Jeff Thompson & Sons. Jeff moved to Mt. Carmel in December of 1983 and is happy to call this his home. “My son, Travis works with me. My wife Julie does the books. And my son, Trenton, is going to do something else, but that is ok too.”

Jeff Thompson & Sons take great pride in the hard work they do. They have overcome many obstacles with the volatile state of the oil industry.