D&T Installers

Address: 803 1/2 W 9th Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-263-2890

When your refrigerator stops running or your washer or dryer quits working do you think “Great now I have to take this to Evansville to get fixed” or “Now I’m going to have to buy a brand new one that I can’t afford”? Well not anymore! D&T Installers is the new repair and used appliance store in town.

D&T Installers opened in March of 2022. They sell washers, dryers, and refrigerators. They provide repairs, make house calls, offer install of appliances, order parts, and have delivery(for a fee). David is certified and has received the skills necessary to fix appliances. Tira and David both have office experience to run the business.

Not only does David and Tira have their own business but they help out at Walker’s Hometown store in Princeton IN. At D&T Installers they have a selection of homemade candles, and are going to add homemade wood crosses that can be customized if wanted.

David and Tira Fields opened D&T Installers to help out the community. They wanted to offer products and repairs at affordable prices for low or average income families that may not be able to afford products elsewhere. In the future, they want their business to continue to be successful and help others when they need it. They are here to help everyone, they try to be accommodating, and have friendly smiley faces to greet you everyday.

Check out their facebook or website for more information!

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