Dillinger Painting

Address: Mt. Carmel , IL

Phone: 618-240-1125

Josh Dillinger founded Dillinger Painting in July 2012. Josh has been around painting his entire life, from décor to automotive and he has always had an eye for quality. Josh worked in the paint shop for a local automotive manufacturer for 10 years. As a married man with 4 children, working the night shift with little flexibility started to present challenges for Josh. He started noticing a need in the area for quality professional painting service. Josh took a leap of faith and started Dillinger Painting. Josh is not only a professional with a great eye for quality, he is a grounded family man with strong family roots right here in Wabash County. He attends the Gospel Kingdom Church in Mt. Carmel. He believes in honesty, quality work, and staying with the job until the work is complete. Dillinger Painting offers many great services. However, Josh tells us that one of his favorite things to do is kitchen and bathroom cabinet painting. This is a great way to transform your kitchen or bathroom for a fraction of the cost! Josh commented, “I love to see the reaction of homeowners when they see the new look of their cabinets.” Dillinger Painting also believes in keeping business inside Wabash County by purchasing all supplies from local retailers when possible. Josh is proud to be working in the community and thanks you for giving him the opportunity to provide quality paint jobs. He hopes to hear from you soon!

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