Dersch Energies

Address: 620 Oak Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-262-5181

Founded in 1951, Dersch Energies, Inc. is a family-owned and family-run business, originally founded by the late John and Phyllis Dersch. Now involved are Tom Dersch and his wife Dorothy, who joined the business full-time in the year 1982, and Don Dersch, who joined the business full-time in the year 1977. The business was originally named Dersch Oil Company, until 1986 when it took its current name to facilitate a broader outlook in the field of energy.

The business is now diversified, supplying fuels on a wholesale basis (mechanical energy), providing corrosion protection services relating to underground metal structures (protective energy), providing compliance testing of other components of underground storage tank systems (protective energy), providing energy savings assessments for residences (saving energy), providing power quality services (protective energy and saving energy), as well as designing and installing quality and trusted solar power systems for electricity generation at homes and businesses (renewable energy). The business is also involved in managing and leasing of real estate assets to others, both commercial and residential. Rooted in Mt. Carmel, the company has a business facility presence in seven communities within two states, Illinois and Indiana, and with its corrosion protection services, the company is licensed to serve also within a third state, Kentucky. Regarding solar power system installations, Tom achieved a coveted certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), and is currently certified through the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) as a Distributed Energy Installer (of Solar Power systems).

Dersch Energies, Inc. installed the first residential grid-interconnected solar power system in Wabash County in 2009, and the first commercial grid-interconnected solar power system in Mt Carmel in the year 2010. The company installs solar power systems on pitched roofs, flat roofs, as well as ground-mounted systems – within Wabash County, Illinois. In the year 2020, one of the company’s solar power system installations was specially showcased by North America’s largest solar power equipment distributor, Soligent, such being published to the world-wide web. At one time, the company employed up to 50 people, with 50% of its workforce being women, and with approximately 25% of its workforce being non-Caucasian. More recently, after considerable “down-sizing” from motor fuel and foods and beverages retailing, the business regularly employs significantly less people, but works with dealers, subcontractors, or lessees in the service of others.