Dee Drilling

Address: 431 N Market Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 618-262-4136

Since 1939, Dee Drilling Company has dedicated itself to the discovery and production of crude oil in the Illinois Basin. As a third generation family owned and operated business, its reputation for responsible drilling and innovative exploration combined with its experienced fleet of engineers, geologists, rig managers and production technicians have allowed the energy company to thrive as others have closed their doors.

Marking its excellence in energy exploration, Dee Drilling Company was the recipient of the Illinois Oil & Gas Association’s Wildcatter of the Year award in both 2010 and 2008. J. Roy Dee III serves as the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, which employs over 40 local men and women in Wabash County. With nearly 75 years of experience, Dee Drilling Company will continue to operate responsibly, embrace innovative technology, explore new growth opportunities and support its local community.

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