Cooties Patooties

Address: 714 N Market Street Mt. Carmel, IL

Phone: 618-240-2178

There is a new service in town! Meet Nancy with Cooties Patooties.
My name is Nancy and lice doesn’t bug me!
That’s not always been the case. Growing up I remember the torture of my mom treating and combing through my hair. It was never fun. Just the word, lice, would have me scratching my scalp and fearing the dreaded comb!
But now, I see it in a different perspective. As a registered nurse I have cared for and treated several patients’ lice infestation. As a mom I have done the same for my family.
I know that dealing with lice is stressful, scary and humiliating. Let me improve your lice experience. First thing, it’s important to know that lice can happen to anyone. Second, everyone should have access to lice treatment. I hope to be able to offer this.
I have decided to open my own lice removal service, Cooties Patooties, here in Mt. Carmel. I can’t promise that lice won’t happen. But I can guarantee a non-toxic treatment in a respectful and relaxing environment. Follow their Facebook page for more information.

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