Community Children's Impact

Address: 306 N Market St. Suite 116 Mt. Carmel , IL


Community Children’s Impact is a new nonprofit located in Wabash County, IL and they exist to better the lives of children and families within their community. Clothing, food and a warm home are necessities – if your family is in need of these things, you’re not alone and they desire to help! Children are at the very heart of the community; they are the future and it’s a responsibility to lead them!

Founders of this nonprofit organization, Zach & Audra Keepes, felt a tug on their heart in 2022 to better serve children within their community. After a lot of prayer, Community Children’s Impact (CCI) came to life.This nonprofit organization exists to be a safe resource for any child and family in need within Mt. Carmel and the surrounding areas.

The first big project for Community Children’s Impact is The Shalom House. The Shalom House is a place to help meet needs for foster care children and their families. It was named The Shalom House because they wanted it to be a place for restoration, hope, and peace. The house will give children somewhere to go when they are first entered into the system, or are in need of emergency placement or removal. The house will also be used for DCFS supervised visits. Giving the child and parent or guardian a safe place to be. It was important for The Shalom House to be a home. To give representation of what a happy healthy family environment looks like.

They kindly ask you to follow along on their Facebook page or website to stay in the know about community needs, and future projects under CCI, to best serve children and families right here in Wabash County.As Zach and Audra continue to lean on God and seek His will for the mission of this nonprofit, they also ask for your prayers of guidance.

“To strengthen our community through leadership and love, by working to improve the lives of children and families in Wabash County.”