Coleman Tri-County Services, Inc.

Address: 22 Veteran's Drive Ste A Harrisburg, IL


Phone: 618-252-0275

Coleman Tri-County Services, Inc. (CTS) is a Not-For-Profit corporation that provides residential and vocational services to persons with disabilities residing in Southern Illinois counties. Coleman Tri-County Services, Inc. is committed to their mission of helping individuals with disabilities live and work in their communities as independently as possible. Our vision supports the belief that individuals with disabilities have the same rights and advantages as other individuals to pursue and exercise choices so they can achieve self-worth, grasp their dreams of where and how they live, make friends, work and have fun. The agency maintains a professional staff consisting of a Certified Behavioral Specialist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and veteran staff with 35 or more years of service to the agency.

The agency was originated in 1972 through the efforts of Evadeen Coleman and numerous other concerned individuals who formed an organization called the “Citizen’s Committee”. The Citizen’s Committee armed only with the knowledge that state monies were available if $1500 dollars could be raised locally to start a sheltered workshop for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Mrs. Coleman, leading the citizen’s drive, went to banks and individuals for donations until they had $1500. The Egyptian Public and Mental Health Department in Eldorado Illinois was already operating mental health programs in Gallatin, Saline and White counties and had agreed to sponsor the sheltered workshop in all three counties rather than just Gallatin, but insisted they needed $3,000 of local monies to include Saline and White counties. Mrs. Coleman and the Citizen’s Committee realizing more individuals could be served with the three county operations expanded their membership to citizens in Saline and White counties.

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