Bract Properties, LLC

Address: 519 N Walnut Street Mt. Carmel, IL


Phone: 812-213-7345

Bract Properties evolved in 2013. Cecil and Andrea Downing created the company, shortly following their move to Mt. Carmel. Andrea’s parents grew up in Mt. Carmel and her Grandparents were business owners, operating Bailey Guns. Andrea grew up spending a lot of time in Mt. Carmel visiting relatives. She commented, “ I’ve always loved the town and community, and we’re happy to be raising our family here.”

When the Downing’s first moved to Mt. Carmel, they had a hard time finding a place to rent. After much searching they found a nice house to rent and eventually bought a home here in Mt. Carmel. They then realized there was a demand in the community for additional rental properties, and made the decision to work hard at bringing those services to our community.

The Downing’s are really excited to be more involved in our community and are continuously meeting new people. They love what they do and are excited to see their business grow, hoping Bract Properties will continue to grow in the future. They have commented, “We hope to continue providing housing to more people in the Mt. Carmel area.”

Cecil is also a Real Estate Broker with DHI Realty in Mt. Carmel. Cecil joined DHI Realty to expand his involvement with real estate in the community and to help people transition from being renters to homeowners.

Bract Properties specializes in:

Studio Apartments
1Bedroom Apartments
2 Bedroom Apartments
Rental Homes
We encourage you when looking for a nice rental home to keep Bract Properties in mind. Tell your family and friends about this genuinely great resource right here in Mt. Carmel. A big thank you to Cecil and Andrea for all they do for our community!

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