Vigo Coal


With headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, Vigo Coal Company, Inc. is committed to supplying vital coal energy to meet the needs of the region. A proud member of the coal industry, Vigo Coal Company is 100% employee-owned, participating in the Department of Labor Qualified Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
Vigo currently produces over 2 million tons of coal per year, with plans to expand future. Specializing in surface coal mining, Vigo also has recent experience in operating remote-controlled Highwall Miners and in coal slurry recovery. Although Vigo has no underground operations, senior- and mid-level managers are highly skilled in underground management. Therefore, Vigo is experienced in a wide range of coal production methods presently used in the industry.
All of Vigo Coal Company’s operations function with the cornerstone commitment to protect and maintain the health and welfare of Vigo’s dedicated miners. Vigo employs the latest mining technology and methods to maximize productivity while simultaneously maintaining the highest possible level of safety. The goal of our owners/miners, along with management, is to be the safest and most efficient coal mining operation in the entire U.S.
Vigo Coal Company, Inc. is recognized as a steward of the land and—as testimony to this commitment—has received many reclamation awards at both the state and national levels. Consistent cooperation with regulatory agencies, innovation, good planning and dedication by management and operations personnel make successful reclamation their priority and an important asset to Vigo’s reputation.
Through their expertise, recognized safety practices and pledged commitment to reclamation and land stewardship, Vigo Coal Company is positioned to move forward as a respected leader and innovator in the coal industry.


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528 Main Street, Suite 202
Evansville, IN 47708