River Rat Kayaking & Rentals, LLC

Blake and Libby Pearson have started a new adventure! River Rat Kayaking & Rentals, LLC was started with the hopes to bring more family fun to the Mount Carmel area. They wanted to start a business that would help bring engagement to the community, without breaking the bank for families. With a love for kayaking, and being on the water, opening a kayaking business just made sense for them. Blake and Libby hope the business can show that there is beauty right here close to home, in Mount Carmel. They hope to get people outdoors, exploring the Wabash River, or even the lakes, right here in Wabash County, IL.

River Rat Kayaking offers kayak rentals for those who wish to take kayaks out on their own for just a few hours, or even for several days. They also offer guided kayaking tours on a few select dates in the summer months for those who would have the most fun going out in group.

Check out their Facebook or website for more information!

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