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This story begins during World War II when Pacific Press built the U.S.’ first hydraulic press brake. The industry quickly realized Pacific Press products were a much safer and more reliable alternative to mechanical brakes.


Pacific Press was not satisfied with just one innovation. They wanted to continue to help America lead the way by improving technology across all of their product lines. Along the way they also built: The first computer-controlled servo-hydraulic press for composite molding, the world’s largest plate shear capable of cutting one and a half inch steel plate, and the world’s largest chop shear capable of cutting two inch steel pipe.


In 1955, they opened a manufacturing operation in Mt. Carmel, IL and are still here today, continuing the tradition of innovation and quality. Pacific Press is also the leader in Customer Service.


This means you’re up and running faster with Pacific. Much like their machines, they built their own in-house service team to minimize downtime and maximize the lifespan of your equipment – no matter what make you use.


The master service technicians have an average of 24 years of experience, making them uniquely qualified to quickly and efficiently keep your machines working hard for the years – and decades – to come. The Pacific Press commitment to uptime is based on keeping you productive, so they can schedule visits for off-peak hours.


A great service Pacific Press provides is preventing the need for unscheduled service. Their team can not only perform regular onsite preventative maintenance – they can train your staff to do regular upkeep on Pacific Press machines to get the most out of your equipment.


Pacific Press parts are compatible with most major brands of presses, press brakes and shears. Because they are built to strict standards, you can count on Pacific Press replacement parts to keep your older machines working like they did when they were new. You’ll be able to trust in the knowledge of Pacific Press staff to get the correct, American-made part to you the next business day.


A big salute to this remarkable company, for all they bring to our community, as well as their accomplishments. We wish Pacific Press many more years of success to come. Make sure to check out for more information and a list of products.

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