Mary Catherine (MC) Deming and Micky Deming co-founded MTC Fit in 2016. The Demings made the move to Mt. Carmel to raise their two children, and reconnect with Micky’s family roots. With both of the Demings possessing athletic backgrounds the launch of a new high-energy fitness program should come as no surprise.

MC has been athletically inclined throughout her lifetime. As a teenager she was recognized for her volleyball talents, and received the opportunity to play at a college level for Illinois State University. There she picked up several new awards and recognitions as an individual and as a team player. After college MC went on to teach and coach at LeRoy High School, there she lead a successful girls Volleyball team.


After having her two children, Lydia and Mark, MC began participating in group- fitness classes and fell in love with the environment. She comments, “As a mom it is great to have some me time while staying active and getting fit.”


MC began classes in the family garage, but within 4 months her classes had outgrown that space. Classes are now held at the Parkview Legion Building,

726 N. Market Street, Mt. Carmel, IL.


MTC Fit offers classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30pm- 6:15pm. “321 Shred” is an interval class featuring 3 minutes of Cardio, 2 minutes of Strength, and 1 minute of Abs. “Dance Cardio Shred” is a class featuring a mix of Dance and Cardio, with some Strength. “Move and Groove” is a low impact class for those with low impact needs and for those 45 years and older.


MTC Fit has clients ranging in age from 16- 69. Clients have the option to pay for each individual class or to purchase monthly memberships for unlimited classes at a discounted price. For more information including updates and fitness tips you can visit


MC hopes to hear from you soon! If you are looking for a fun way to get fit and share social interaction with others in the community, MTC Fit is the place for you. MC comments, “We all need something that keeps us health and moving. We also need something that brings us together. For me group fitness does just that. My hope is that MTC Fit will be able to provide that for others.”


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726 N Market Street

Mt. Carmel, IL  62863