Macaroni Ice

@MtCarmelTwicetheIce or “Macaroni Ice LLC” opened their doors…or their chutes! on June 10th 2018 to the great delight of their owners Graham Tamplin and his daughter Danica.
Macaroni Ice LLC was formed to bring their first location to Mt. Carmel after Graham retired from the corporate world in 2017. After playing golf for a few months, and realizing that he needed something to “do”, Danica suggested he look into Ice House America as a business opportunity. After researching, and having his curiosity spiked, he called Rick Fritschle in Flora, the 4 State distributor for Ice House America, and arranged a meeting.
After many pleasant and informative discussions, and contact with other owners, Mt. Carmel was picked as a first location, and preparations began. “We had the pleasure and joy of meeting Dave Pettyjohn who became our landlord, and then so many other folks in Mt Carmel who made us feel so welcome that it was obvious we had made the right choice” stated Mr. Tamplin.
“Lesley and Sheryl at the Chamber, Kevin and Sharon at WSJD, Jeff Guisewite, Mike Gidcumb at City Hall, David James at MCPL – all so helpful with set up and logistics, and since then so many friends at our fundraisers and promos and those new friends we continue to have the pleasure of meeting at the Ice House on a daily and weekly basis, who have been so kind in their comments” boasted Mr. Tamplin.
“We have been very lucky so far, and so very grateful to all of you, as we continue to provide the best value in Ice and Water to the city and surrounding areas, and look forward to continuing be your destination for the best tasting product available” states Graham and Danica.
Please check their FB page @MtCarmelTwicetheIce – they post all promotions there – where you’ll find an explanation of “Why Macaroni Ice” – we think you’ll smile.
Ice House America is an international network of almost 3,500 franchised and independently owned locations. Graham and Danica are looking to expand their local network of locations over the next few years!

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303 W 3rd Street
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863