Little Pharaoh Enterprises

Little Pharaoh Enterprises is an arts consultancy firm based in Mt. Carmel, IL founded to celebrate the Art in the Heartland. We are opening an art gallery at 500 North Market Street where we will exhibit and sell artwork created by local, regional and national artists and also provide an “arts station” for children to express their creativity.
We provide the crayons, paper and paints, you provide the artist!
In the evenings the gallery will become a performance venue, again featuring local, regional and national (and possibly international!) musicians and other performers.
Our goal is to actively support the arts and crafts of the region and promote and share that art with the wider world. We will also actively work to bring artists of every artistic discipline to Mt. Carmel to share their art, including but not limited to theater and dance companies, musicians, magicians and comedians, visual artists and other artists exploring new and hybrid art forms.
Our work will culminate each year in an annual arts festival, the Little Egypt Arts Festival, held in October. Our inaugural festival will be based in Mt. Carmel, IL and will be a four-day community-centric celebration of local and regional artists featuring guest artists from across the country and the world. We hope to grow LEAF to include other cities in the county in the future and accommodate a growing number of participating artists.
Our name comes from the historic name of this area of southern Illinois. In the early 1800s, when this part of the country was being settled by the sons and daughters of the European immigrants, the name “Little Egypt” became associated with this region, most likely because of all of the rivers that run through it.

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500 N Market St.
Mt. Carmel, IL  62863