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Libby’s Lenses Photography was started in the height of the pandemic in April 2021, while Libby herself was searching for her own wedding photographer. Growing up, her grandma had a professional camera (an old school one that took a FLOPPY DISK) and she always loved watching her use it. As she got older, Libby and her sister would take turns using a $400 camera for their own little photoshoots.

Along the road, she has lost her brother, grandpa, and other family members. The most precious things remaining from them are the photos. Fast-forward to 2019, she got engaged, and began planning her own wedding. Searching for a photographer and looking through portfolios of other photographers re-ignited Libby’s love for photography! She took the leap and decided to make a side-career out of photography, with the hopes that she could provide affordable, quality photos.

Libby’s offers several different options for all needs:
Family sessions
Senior Portraits
Wedding Photography
And so much more!
Aside from photographing weddings, she is also an ordained minister, and has ministered at two weddings so far. She has an Associate’s in Science and Arts and has completed a photography course. She is CPR/first aid certified. Most importantly, Libby is responsible, hard-working, and loves photography!

We welcome you to look at Libby’s Lenses Photography website or social media pages where you can find beauty in every picture.

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Mt. Carmel, IL