Jeff Guisewite, Inc.

Excavation, Demolition, Gravel, Land Cleaning, Asbestos Removal, Dumpsters

Jeff Guisewite, Inc can do a little bit of everything. And they take great pride in their work. Their crew of a dozen travel up to 400 miles to do excavation and demolition work. Jeff Guisewite got his start in 1980 working in oil fields. In the late 80s he shifted his focus to environmental things and oil clean-ups. Then that evolved again in the early 2000s with him picking up a lot more demolition work.

“We found our niche with demolition, but if you need work done call us because there is a good chance, we can do it.” Stated Derek Guisewite.

Services they have to offer include Excavation, Gravel Hauling, Gravel Work, Demolition, Land Cleaning, Asbestos Removal, new driveways, snow removal, yard and grass work, land clearing and water runoff control, retaining walls, building demolition, concrete and asphalt removal, riprap rock work, bridge removal, they can dig driveways and even swimming pools!  Jeff Guisewite, Inc rents small equipment out and can haul other people’s equipment to locations. They offer 15 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd, 40 yd, and 55 yd dumpsters. The 55 yd dumpsters are the largest you can rent.

If you need help with a project or are just a do-it-yourselfer and need a dumpster, give them a call!

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16153 E 1100 Rd
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863