Horrall Electric

Larry Horrall and his father Bobby Horrall started Horrall Electric in 1977. During the early years of the business, both were employed by the local utility company and worked evenings and weekends. In the beginning most of their work was residential, mostly homes in Cherry Hills and Carriage Hills. As business progressed they took on larger projects, such as the Mt. Carmel Machine Shop Building on West 3rd for the Partee family and the Dersch family’s facility on 9th and Main. Other businesses and churches have utilized their expert services.

Today they are a third generation, family owned business. Joshua joined the business and made it his full-time operation. Since its inception they have focused on making their business multi-purpose, taking Horrall Electric from residential work to larger construction projects. They can do oilfield construction, industrial, farm work and data installations. Another area they wish to expand to is utility service needs, such as storm recovery or substation construction and maintenance. A recent project took them all the way to Texas to install nearly 8 megawatts of generation capacity for a large factory.

As they grow they continue to strive to be the best multi service business of Wabash County that they can be.

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12834 E 700 Rd
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863