Handsome Rooster

Handsome Rooster Coffee & Roasting Company was brought to the community in 2016. Owned by Eric and Brittany Campagna, this local business is producing the finest coffees that the locals cannot seem to get enough of!

Eric Campagna started roasting coffee for friends and family in 2007. He received such a positive response that he decided to bring his coffee to the local Farmer’s Market in 2016. The reaction to Handsome Rooster Coffee was once again phenomenal, sparking new ideas and growth within the company.

In 2017 Handsome Rooster Coffee introduced their famous Cold Brew and business has been booming ever since. This delicious product has stayed in high demand. Therefore, Eric began building his mobile coffee bar. The coffee bar is certified to serve coffee in Wabash County by the Wabash County Health Department.

You can find them set up weekly during the Farmers Market season (May – October) located at TenPins Bowling Alley on 9th Street in Mt. Carmel.  At the coffee bar customers can purchase lattes, mochas and a variety of coffee drinks including hot chocolate and loose-leaf teas.  Also available are whole bean coffees which can be ground at the time of purchase.  Handsome Rooster also offers gift cards in any denomination, making the perfect gift for that “hard-to-shop-for someone” in your life.

Products such as bagged coffee, cold brew, and granola can also be purchased at Vintage Collections on the corner of 4th and Market Streets in Mt. Carmel.

Handsome Rooster Coffee & Roasting Company also offers the option to purchase their coffees online. You can visit the Handsome Rooster at Handsomeroostercoffee.com and select the perfect brew for you!


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338 N Market St
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863