Gage Digital

Having over 20 years experience in both Hardware and Software service, including Network Administration and server implementation.  Bobby Gage, owner of Gage Digital, uses his experience at work and on the side.  He enjoys helping friends and family in the Mt. Carmel, IL area with small computer service needs.

Bobby has also worked with different service providers on the internet that he would recommend.  He has included information about them on his website for easy access.  Most of the services he resells provide a discounted offer.  One of the services that he offers is web hosting and spam email filtering.

Over the years he has obtained Cisco CCNA, CCNA Security, and CompTIA A+ Certifications.

Gage Digital is now a member of the local Chamber and is part of the Retail Merchant Committee program, please check out their extra discounts here.

Contact Bobby at Gage Digital through their website at or by email at

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