First National Bank

First National Bank is celebrating 110 years of service to their customers and the communities in which they live, work, and raise their families.


Don Price, President of First National Bank, recently commented, “Over our first one hundred and ten years, serving the Allendale and Mt. Carmel communities, we’ve discovered that by helping our customers take advantage of opportunities, we become ever more invested in their lives. It becomes a partnership in not just the individual, but their families and communities as well.”


Earlier this year, the bank expanded their service to the community of West Salem by acquiring the assets of First State Bank of West Salem, which boasted a long track record as well, having been established in 1942. This acquisition, in addition to pushing the bank’s assets well over the $200 million mark, allows First National Bank to offer 24/7 mobile access, online banking options and more to residents of the West Salem area, side by side with many of the same, friendly faces they’ve trusted for years.

Looking ahead, First National Bank will continue to develop and enhance both their services and products, along with the level of excellence in service their customers have come to expect. “Communities thrive through the support of their citizens, and their businesses” added Price. “From the day we were founded in 1906, we’ve taken the lead in helping make every community we serve better for those who live or work there. It’s a commitment we’re proud of, and a commitment we have no intention of changing. Involvement in community is what makes First National Bank your Real Community Bank.”

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