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D&R Rentals started in 2003, owned by Rod and Debbie Rodriguez of Mt. Carmel. The Rodriguez’ were looking for a second income in retirement while providing the community with clean and affordable housing. They first purchased a business building and duplex combination on 9th Street. After seeing that rental go well they then decided to purchase more properties. They began buying homes in the area and working hard to remodel and repair them, leaving some for purchase and some for rent. The Rodriguez’ enjoy and take pride in seeing the after effects of hard work and dedication. They truly enjoy providing quality housing for area families.


In 2008 the couple purchased 4 apartments on Walnut Street in Mt. Carmel. They were satisfied with that experience and decided in 2010 to transition their local business building in to another apartment complex by relocating and combining “Snoopers” and “Schoogies.”


Throughout the years the Rodriguez’ have continued to purchase various properties and perform necessary work to make each place a great place. The newest addition for the company is the 2015 erecting of Chestnut Grove Apartments. This addition alone provided 11 more living accommodations for rent in our community.


D&R Rentals has the following available:

  • Homes for sale
  • Homes for rent
  • Apartments for rent


Rod and Debbie have worked hard at providing a great service to our community and for that we thank them. They have strived hard to bring a much-needed service to our area and have exceeded all expectations. We encourage the community to consider or refer D&R Rentals the next time yourself or a loved one are in need of a quality dwelling.


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402 Walnut St
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