Deno’s Tumbler Turners

Deno’s Tumbler Turners is run by Sandy and Dennis Keneipp. I will let them tell you about their business and how it all started.

Meet the Family Behind Deno’s Tumbler Turners

Welcome to Deno’s Tumbler Turners! Our names are Sandy & Dennis Keneipp and we are a husband wife duo team!
I make tumblers and was looking to buy a turner and quickly realized I couldn’t afford one. So my Deno did some research and was able to then make me one! What started as me having 2 10-Cup turners, flourished into a business helping other small businesses become successful with affordable turners!
We know the struggle of starting out as a brand new small business, which is why we wanted to do our part in helping others.
We pride ourselves in supporting small businesses by being able to create tools that small businesses need at an affordable price. We also pride ourselves in providing a quality product that will assist in the success of your small business.
Thanks for joining us and we hope your tumbler business is a successful one!

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302 N Market Street
Mount Carmel, IL 62863