Constant Cravings

Constant Cravings opened their doors February 2018. Owned and operated by Constance Folsom this gourmet candy store has something for everyone. Constance is no stranger to the local business community, having owned a local business in years past she offered gourmet fudge the locals loved. It was after returning to the local business community in 2017 by opening Backyard Markets that she had returning customers coming in asking “where’s the fudge?”

After bringing the gourmet fudge back Constance worked hard to keep up with the demand, “people just love it” she commented. It was then that the idea for Constant Cravings was born.
When hearing of a candy store that was going out of business Constance was able to purchase a vintage candy counter, she then attended the Philadelphia Candy Show and was amazed by all the delicious selection.

She purchased a wide variety of wonderful quality products to be offered in her local candy store. In fact, 1/3 of Backyard Markets has been dedicated to the candy and gift store. This full-service candy store will have the option to buy goodies by the piece or by the pound. Around specific holidays the store will be offering pre-packaged gift bags containing candies and trinkets to be delivered locally FREE of charge.

It doesn’t stop there, Constant Cravings is very excited about offering their products outside the store as well! They will be catering special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, etc. that wish to have delicious gourmet candy buffets available for their guests.

Another great feature that Constant Cravings has to offer is their sugar-free items. The local candy store is offering over 10 different items that are sugar-free. Catering to those in the community who have a sweet-tooth but cannot have the sugar that comes with it.

Some other delicious items you will always be able to find at Constant Cravings are (but not limited to):
• Truffles (8 different varieties)
• Fine Chocolates
• Jelly Belly Display
• Gourmet Pretzels

We encourage the local community to give Constant Cravings a try, who knows you might just find exactly what you’ve been craving!

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522 Market Street
Mt. Carmel, IL  62863