Air Evac Life Team

Air Evac began its operations in 1985 with a single helicopter in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The life-team is dedicated to bringing advanced medical treatment to those citizens in rural areas during urgent medical times. Since it began in 1985 Air Evac has seen exceptional growth, it is now the largest independently owned and operated air medical service provider in the United States with 260 bases spread over 32 states.

For those of us living in rural America, our recovery can depend on how much time it takes to be transported to emergency medical treatment. Air ambulance availability has grown through the multiplication of base locations, and they are able to cut transportation time in half. Air Evac’s mission is to make it possible for people living in rural areas to get the life-saving emergency care they need when they need it.

Air Evac is a membership-supported company; the membership program has been the heart of its success. With the cost of air ambulance services on the rise, becoming part of this membership program could help you and your family to get coverage for an affordable rate. This could be the best thing to happen to you on the worst day of your life.

The cost of an air ambulance is averagely around $30,000. With more and more health insurance companies covering less and less of the expense, the opportunity to belong to a membership-supported life-team is truly a blessing. Air Evac offers discounts to Chamber Members and their employees, Farm Bureau Members, and groups of 3 or more.

Jeff Karn is the local manager for Air Evac, and has invested his time in educating communities on the importance of membership. He is available for a group presentation to your business, civic organization, church, etc. or to individuals whom are interested in more information about the Air Evac Membership Program. These benefits work very simply and have saved many from financial ruin.

It is a so wonderful to have a service such as this available here in Wabash County. We would like to thank Jeff and his team for the countless lives they have saved, here in our community. The peace of mind they have provided is priceless. We hope that you will contact Jeff today and see what Air Evac can do for you!

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