Innotations: Creative Talent- Contract/Freelance

Position: Innotations is currently seeking a Creative Talent. We are seeking a network of creative talent that we can call upon when we have extra work or need a different perspective. Ideal candidates work well on a deadline and can produce quality work. Ability to work within multiple mediums (writing and graphic design, photography and writing, etc.) a bonus but not required.

Requirements: No work experience necessary. Your portfolio is your resume. Raw talent is encouraged to apply as we can provide training to help you excel in this field.

To Apply: Submit your portfolio (or a sample of 3-5 creative pieces) to Please also provide a list of creative services you feel capable of providing and softwares you feel comfortable using along with any areas of expertise that you have. If you are just starting out, please provide a list of skills you would like to expand on in your creative work.